Family violence call winds up with suspect hitting two DPD officers — one with a car

BrokenWindshield Family violence call winds up with suspect hitting two DPD officers — one with a car

According to DPD spokesperson Ashaki Hardeman at 1:50 p.m., or close to, a woman called DPD about a family violence incident in progress. She told officers where she was, and gave officers a good description of the man she said was responsible. And she told them what he was driving. At which point officers pulled up to the 3900 block of Investor Drive, near the S. Westmoreland Road intersection. They espied the suspect trying to drive away and demanded he stop and get out of the car.

He was going to do no such thing.

“As the officers exited their vehicle the suspect struck one of the officers with the vehicle,” Hardeman writes. “The suspect then began to punch out a window in his car. The suspect then got back into the vehicle and drove up the block, where he encountered more officers. The suspect began to punch out the front windshield of his vehicle with his hands. The officers attempted to place the suspect under arrest, when the suspect struck another officer in the nose. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident.”

The two officers were taken to Methodist Hospital, where they’re being treated for their non-life threatening injuries. The suspect is now at Parkland Hospital — “in stable condition,” says the DPD spokesperson. His name won’t be released till he’s been taken to Dallas County Jail and charged with … well, DPD’s not quite sure yet. An update, of course, is forthcoming.

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