Former Brave Andruw Jones Arrested for Domestic Violence

Nicole told investigators that she and Andruw had hosted a Christmas party Monday night at their home in the Sugarloaf Country Club near Duluth. Once everyone had left, Nicole asked Andruw to help get the house ready for Christmas day by putting together a computer table.

According to Nicole, Andruw had a few drinks at the party and became belligerent while assembling the desk. At one point, Andruw allegedly grabbed Nicole’s arm. When she tried to escape, he reportedly pulled her to the ground, put his hands around her neck, and said, “I want to kill you, I want to [expletive] kill you,” according to authorities.

Nicole got away and ran to her parents’ home nearby. Although Nicole had “visible injuries,” according to investigators, Andruw has denied hurting his wife. He’s now facing battery charges.

Battery is legally defined as harmful or offensive contact with the body of another. When battery is used by one partner to maintain control over the other, it’s considered domestic violence.

In domestic violence cases, judges often issue no-contact orders, barring the abusive spouse from contacting the alleged victim. Under Georgia law, violating a family violence order is a misdemeanor and can get your probation revoked in certain circumstances.

Andruw was released from Gwinnett County jail about 11 a.m. on Christmas Day, according to authorities. Ironically, Andruw and Nicole have been major supporters of Jaden’s Ladder, a group that helps victims of domestic violence.

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