Little Sunshine Academy Offers Free Workshop On Separation Anxiety: Monday, November 18!

New Preschool Offers Free Separation Anxiety Workshop to Parents What:               Back to school for preschool-aged children is one of the most difficult hallmark events and often creates separation anxiety for young children. As both parents and children try to find routine many are faced with the struggle with separation anxiety.

 Founder of Little Sunshine Academy, Peggy Lee, invites parents to a free workshop on how to manage separation anxiety. Being a mother herself, Lee understands the ups and downs of back to school and the difficulties of letting go, and wants to share tips on what families can do to navigate it.

“No child is the same. Some children walk through the door and have no problems, while some become very distressed,” says Education Expert and Founder of Little Sunshine Academy, Peggy Lee. “Separation Anxiety is an issue that parents and children do not need to work through on their own, and we are excited to share tips and ideas to help both children and parents feel comfortable with their new routine.”

The workshop will feature Peggy Lee and Early Childhood Educator Amber Murray sharing ideas on: what separation anxiety is, how to work through it, and help children have a happy and healthy transition into preschool. This workshop is the first of a series of free workshops that will be offered by Little Sunshine Academy to parents looking for information on topics such as health, nutrition, guidance, and discipline.

Where:             2031 West 41 Avenue, Vancouver, BC

When:              Monday, November 18, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Little Sunshine Academy believes in educating children for life. Located in the beautiful Kerrisdale area, the preschool has one of the highest teacher to student ratios and offers unparalleled extracurricular opportunities. Encouraging children’s natural inquisitiveness and creativity in a structured environment, Little Sunshine concentrates on fostering confident, resilient thinkers. This approach instills a love of knowledge and lays the foundation for learning as a lifestyle.

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