SC legislator says family ties to insurance fund no conflict of interest

As the great-nephew of a deceased South Carolina governor, state Rep. Walt McLeod III has a family history steeped in public service and the law.

The 76-year-old Newberry County Democrat, an attorney in Little Mountain, has served in the state House since 1997 and is a former mayor of Little Mountain. His brother, Peden McLeod, a former Walterboro City Council member, served in the House from 1972-79 and in the Senate from 1979-90 and in 1990 became the state Legislative Council director, a position he held until 1998.

Their father, Walton “Stumpy” McLeod Jr., was the senior partner in the Walterboro law firm of McLeod, Fraser & Cone and served as the Walterboro city attorney for 60 years. After his death in 1994, Peden took over their father’s position in the law firm, according to brother Walt.

And the six-lawyer firm has been doing very well lately representing state and local agencies, The Nervefound in a review of payouts from the state Insurance Reserve Fund, which insures state and local government entities for liability and property damage claims.

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