Sir Owen names experts to tackle child abuse and domestic violence

“My goal is to have my moment in front of the United Nations, who took a very strong interest in New Zealand’s problem over decades,” he said.

“New Zealand has an appalling history in violence and child abuse.”

Sir Owen has already recruited international child abuse and domestic violence experts from Australia, the US, Canada, Uganda, and today he named the 24 New Zealand experts who will join his think tank.

Experts include educators, academics, councillors, and human and social rights advocates.

“We’ve got a whole lot of people now who are really keen, lots of different skills and expertise, good will, money from Owen Glenn,” think-tank member Catriona McLenna told ONE News.

“So let’s just see what we can do and not wait for Governments to think, ‘oh right okay we better do something’,”.

Sir Owen is confident politicians will follow their lead.

“If this issue becomes that prominent in the public thinking, every member or candidate standing for parliament will have to address the issue,” he said.   Minister for Social Development and Employment and Minister of Youth Affairs Paula Bennett is positive about the inquiry.

“The findings that come out, anything that this inquiry gets, we just want to take it and use it,” she said.

The think-tank members will spend the next nine months sharing their experiences of family violence and charting links and possible causes.

Experts are also interviewing victims of abuse, with hundreds already coming forward to share their stories.

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