Talk the Talk 07/11 by O A B I Voices United Network

Welcome to Talk The Talk! Here we we will be discussing family and relationship issues, it must be noted here that when we say relationships we are not only speaking about family relationships. We shall be dealing with the relationships which we all have with friends, co-workers, neighbours, and club members some persons believe that being single is a life sentence, it is not a sentence it is a time to enjoy being single and getting to know and understand you until the right person comes along and peradventure the right one does not come you will still enjoy your life. Marriage is a wonderful thing however because of the many bitter emotions and bitter splits many have a fear for marriage come on over and learn how to enjoy married life and not let the flame blow out but keeping it lite continually, hear about the bliss of marriage and also the test of marriage and fidelity. Domestic violence and abuse has found its way into many relationships we shall be sharing with you awareness tips always remember leaving an abusive relationship is up to you, one can only give advice and share information how much you value you, you alone can decide. Come on over and listen to Talk The Talk!

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