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TEMECULA: Domestic violence, women’s club get support Happy Tuesday everyone,

It’s a City Council meeting tonight, which means I get to sleep in – WEE!

So tonight council members are going to discuss supporting financially two different nonprofits primarily geared toward women: Safe Alternatives For Everyone and the Temecula Valley Women’s Club. Council members may give $ 10,000 to SAFE, our local domestic violence emergency resource center, and allow the Women’s Club to use city buildings for business.

Both organizations are fantastic and they’re such good reminders that this region is teaming with support for just about any ailment you maybe suffering from.

And for some quick info, here’s a list of warning signs that someone you known, or you yourself, are in an abusive relationship, as provided by SAFE.

Warning Signs and What You Can Do Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling and aggressive behaviors from one adult towards another within the context of an intimate relationship.

These are some “warning signs” to look for in a person who might be, or could become, abusive:

These are some “warning signs” to look for that may indicate that you or someone you know is being abused…

“What Can I Do?”

If someone you know is a victim of domestic violence…

Remember that you’re not alone: There are thousands and thousands of people who have been through similar experiences to yours… and there are many people who care and who want to help.

To seek help from S.A.F.E. or other domestic violence partners at the Riverside County Family Justice Center, call 951-304-5680. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

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